So Whats On The Work Bench?

This location of our website is where you can find links to our current project lis, or ongoing builder blogs.  We tend to get a little distracted with projects.  We have a few that are large and on-going, some small, and others that get started and worked on and off for some time.

So we built this section of the website to show what we are looking at and for a way for anyone to look in on our progress.

Droid Socket/Interface

While we do have a full 1:1 static prop built of this, it definately is still on the work bench as we intend for it to be fully interactive.  Motion, sounds, etc that have yet to be integrated.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to shut down the trash compactor with this bad boy!

Crash Couch

While it does not necessarily fit on the work bench, the crash couch for the "Smugglers Room" is certainly a work in progress.

DL-44 Blaster Builds

These are simply ALWAYS on the work bench!