Thank you for stopping by The Smugglers Room.  This site is run by a pair of Geeks, a father and son team. We spend our free time hiding in our work shops constructing, creating, and breathing in way too many paint fumes.  We create replicas, props, and things of our own imagination.  But more than all of that, it is a passion to build, to make something out of nothing, and then share that creative process with others that share the same enthusiasm. 

We are inspired by many of our favorite films, Tv shows, and in most cases just an overactive imagination.  Our site contains these projects, interesting build stories, and links to many other builder groups that have fans like us from all over the world.  These communities can fuel your imagination and help you to find others who support, encourage, and provide you with some of the best guidance you could ever ask for in this hobby.

Yes, it is a hobby, and some will tell you "just a hobby." But I'll tell you, everyone needs a hobby to stave off the everyday boredom of your cubical, your office, your reality!  It takes us out of normal everyday life and lets our imagination run wild.  

But more than a hobby for us, it has been a way for a father and son to spend thousands of hours over the years, together.

these are the Smugglers you are looking for


I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars, Alien, & Indiana Jones just to name a few.  I was also heavily encouraged by parents that valued education, and enough of it for me to learn not to abandon imagination.  I grew up, but never really mentally . . . just ask my wife.  I studied Art History, Graphic Design, and Theater to find a career in Audio Video Engineering.  Weird huh?

I never left my love for the movies, more specifically the props and set designs of film.  Thats where my interest really falls, and a major reason for this site.  

This hobby has been very gratifying over the years.  Not only has it provided a creative outlet, but it is a fantastic way to hone your skills with a wide range of tools and building methods.

I truly hope you enjoy your visit at our site and that you find inspiration to start your own project.

Thank you,


I have been a builder of all sorts for 50 years, building props for movies, TV, theater, for my family, and myself. I had a job offer in Hollywood when I was still in high school, I sure wish I had taken the offer when I graduated. Still, as it turned out, it became an enjoyable hobby instead of a “have to beat the deadline” work day. Takes all the fun out of it.

I hope through these pages you become inspired to take up this quest of building your own droid and becoming an ASTROMECHANIC as well. When I started this project I thought how hard can this be? It is not hard, however it will take some time and dedication. And we will be with you along your journey building, along with 10,000 others that have signed up on the R2 Builders Club.  We all want you to succeed and be able to enjoy your efforts.  Because who doesn’t want their very own R2.


Thank you all!