Props & Projects

This section of our Website is dedicated to prop builds mostly based on the Star Wars universe.  Most of the projects that we build here in the Smugglers Room are not exact replicas, but custom builds that adhere to recognizable Star Wars Canon.  We use techniques, and looks that are familiar to Star Wars fans, but are unique enough that it personalizes it to the creator.  Its our way of paying homage to the great prop builders of the past, while also have a great time building in the world they have created.  We hope you enjoy your tour through our builds!


DL-44 Blaster

What is more recognizable in the Star Wars Universe than Han Solo's Blaster?  Based on the DL-44 Mauser, this sidearm of our favorite Smuggler is one of a kind.  In our build we have taken the Mauser and modified it slightly by adding our own greeblies and scope mount.  Though similar in appearence it is not a true replica.  This project is built from a resin cast created from a mold of a DL-44 Mauser and then dressed up with a variety of items and then custom painted to add that feel of a "Used Universe" and tell a story of a Blaster that could have been used against an onslaught of stormtroopers or in defense of a bounty hunter in the back streets of Mos Eisley.


Droid Caller

If you want to keep track of your droid, and make sure it doesn't wonder off on you, you are going to need a droid caller.  Now the original Droid Caller props were made from Kobald BC Flash units.  There is a great article on the history of the Flash units here. I love the Kobald BC Flash, but in keeping with the Smugglers Room tradition, I wanted to build our callers from something recognizable as well as unique.  So in this instance they were created out of vintage Leitz Wetzlar Falshguns.  German made, and still familiar enough to be recognized as a droid caller.  Now for just a bit more creativity on the display I also added our own version of a restraining bolt custom to our 2/3rd scale Astromech builds found here.


E-11 Blaster

The weapon of choice for an Imperial Storm Trooper.  A powerful accurate weapon used by likely the most inaccurate of shooters.  Perhaps its the narrow field of view the Storm Trooper has through their helmets that prevents them from hitting their target, it truly is unknown.  All that said, this weapon is still one of the most recognized props in the Galaxy. Even in the Smugglers Room I could not bring myself to alter the look.  It is one of the few props I own that is a true replica.  This unit was built from a Droopydoos cast.  It is a very good replica, easy to work with, and a great weekend build.  You can find the cast here on their website.