"Malfunctioning Little Twerp"

The 2/3rd Scale Astromech Droid

Welcome to the Astromech corner of our site.  Below you will find the history and installation of our little 2/3rd size Astromech known as R2D2.  The history behind this little guy is far simpler than the long road to get him where he is today.  

"Why 2/3rd scale, why not build a full size?"  This is a question we get all the time.  I guess for one thing, its a lot less expensive.  Another would be display and transportation of our favorite little Astromech.  The full size droids are fairly large, larger than most people think until they stand next to one.  So you can imagine traveling with it as being a challenge, and for most of us even storing it at home or your apartment is tough.

But I guess the most humorous explanation is the first truth behind this build.  The Smugglers Room has a poker table and game area, and the original idea was to build a series of small droids to act as servers.  They would be equipped with serving trays and appear as a nice little addition to the room all the while holding your beer!

What happened next was a long journey that culminated in a perfect replica of the famous R2D2 from the Star Wars films.  Every detail on our little friend was accurately re-created in 2/3 scale by master craftsman Dan Thompson.  This little guy became an obsession of sorts, to make him a perfect replica.

So this father and son team invite you to sit back, relax, and join us on our Astromech Builder Journey.

Join the group!!! 
then Research, Research, and Research Again . . .

Everyone interested in building an Astromech, whether it be full size or one of our little guys, the research is the same.  We can't stress this enough.  Without the knowledge gained by others you will certainly be met with frustration or even failure.  

So where do you find such knowledge?  Well my friends, at the Astromech Club of course!  In addition you will certainly want to join the R2 Builders Club. 

The Astromech club will connect you with some of the most talented builders in this galaxy.  They are a most friendly bunch and will offer ideas, guidance, and overall support while you journey through this project.  

The R2 Builders Club will provide you with reference, plans, and all things Astromech.  Between these two sites you will have years of collected research and advice.  So do yourself a favor and sign up, you simply will not regret it!


Our Builds And Droids

So lets talk building a bit here.  Taking something as complex and vast as an Astromech is a much larger project than either of us anticipated.  What we thought might be a few months, maybe a year, actually turned into a multi-year project . . . and its still going.  As I said above, research is your best friend, but getting your hands dirty in the shop is what this is really about.  Don't let the complexity scare you off, with some tools, a space to work, and determination you can have your own Astromech.  

The are links below are for our droid builds.  Some of these are accurate 2/3rd scale Astromech's like R2-D2, and others are just us having a good time using our parts to build new and exciting versions of Astromechs.  We hope you enjoy.


Our R2D2 Project is a good old fashion replica build of everyone's favorite little blue droid.  It was the first build of ours and will always be our favorite.  We have taken Dan's original R2 and his partner's in crime to many places; Celebration VII, Denver Comic Con, the California beach and many more.  Having built the droid in 2/3rd scale R2 is totally mobile . . . and he fits comfortably in a seatbelt.

Please see our original built R2D2 Project to see the entire build.


This little guy started out as another R2-D2 replica, but then Due to a time crunch before the Denver Comic Con we were forced to use some left over parts to get the droid ready for the show.  It was then decided to fully build this droid and give it the appearance that it was built exclusively with what ever was lying around.  We now just affectionately call him . . . "Lefty."


What could be more fun than an Astromech?  Well how about an Astromech crossed with a Minion!  Thats what we did folks, and the results just simply bring a smile to your face.


Not everyone can have there very own X-wing fighter.  The FFA regulation alone are difficult enought to deal with.  But what if you owned a Polaris RZR?  Would you not want your very own Astromech watching over, and navigating your way through the mountains?  Well I sure did and that was the motivation behind this build.


A GNK-D2 is a custom project where we crossed a traditional Gonk power droid design with that of an Astromech.  I have always had a great affection for the Gonk power droid.  But I also felt bad that these little guys weren't more mobile.  So how do you make a Gonk Droid more mobile?  Well you give them Astromech legs of course!

Head over to the GNK-D2 Build to see how this project came together.

How can we help you? 

There are many ways to answer that, but I'll stick to what we have to offer.  The first is support.  We can give you answers ourselves yes, but we can also point you in the right direction if you have questions that are either beyond our knowledge or if someone else has already provided an answer for.

Ok, so that is the talking part, but what about the building?  And the answer to that is this . . . 


Yep, thats correct.  We have parts . . . and you can purchase them from us.  After the painstaking hours, months, and years of building everything from scratch making molds just seemed the best thing to do.  And now its the best thing for you too.  

Now we didn't start out doing this so we could become re-sellers of Astromech parts and kits, but we are happy to be able to share the hard work with those who can't or don't want to scratch build.

So here is what we have to offer . . . 


Astromech Full Kit - $850

The below four images identify the parts we provide with our kits. 

Please contact Brian with any questions about our kits!