The L3-FTY project started as just another R2 build, which certainly would have been fine.  However prior to the 2016 Denver Comic Con we wanted to have this guy up and running.  It would not be a complete build but still mobile and a little paint.  So we started assembling what we could out of a variety of parts we had lying around the shop.  Some were painted and others just looked weathered. This led us to calling this little guy, "lefty," and the name stuck.

From that point forward I wanted to focus on building this droid with a selection of mismatched parts, a variety of colors, and some special custom objects that will give it a bit of an unique look within an original design.

A majority of the build is a replica of an astromech droid.  It will have a variety of recognizable parts and attributes.  In keeping with a theme I have approached this build as someone who may be assembling a droid from found parts.  Imagine a smuggler that has to hide out for a time.  Maybe he swindled a few too many out credits, or is wanted by the Empire.  Either way our smuggler finds himself on, lets say, and abandoned Rebel base on Hoth.  Its there he finds the damaged remains of an Astromech droid and the build begins. 


It simply can't be understated that building a droid wether its a 1:1 scale version or our 2:3rd scale, takes time, patients, dedication.  I am sure for other builders out there this is obvious, but it was certainly something I learned along the way.  All that being said, it was simply one of the most entertaining and challenging projects I have undertaken.  

What Dan Thompson of the Smugglers room did by hand crafting the individual parts was an absolute life saver.  The total time it took to complete L3-FTY would have been much longer and more difficult without the amazing cast pieces he created. 

I am proud to display the build below, and I encourage anyone that is interested in building their own to join the R2 Builders Club, and simply get after it!  This is an endevour you will not regreat.

The Build Gallery